Rose Diamond Eye Cream: A New Holy Grail in Cutting Edge Organic Eye Care

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Defy gravity: The eyes have it

 “Our eyes work hard. With almost continuous movement, round-the-clock use of technology, squinting at screens and battling blue light and, of course, the natural ageing process to manage, they need dedicated care and support.”
Margo Marrone

Which is why I formulated Rose Diamond Eye Cream. Like everyone else, I spend huge amounts of time staring at my computer, my phone and the TV screen. So I wanted to create an eye cream that would fix multiple problems in one quick effective solution, working holistically on the entire eye area on lids and arches as well as the under-eye, to lift the whole area and minimise puffiness and dark circles.

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Rose Diamond Eye Cream is an upper, lower and eye contour treatment made from a combination of state-of-the-art ingredients. Some of these super-active ingredients work instantly and others gradually over time to plump, smooth, brighten, reduce puffiness and fade dark circles as well as lifting and filling the skin around the eye area.

The cream contains

Diamond Powder a key ingredient as it instantly blurs the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by reflecting light in the same way young

Rose oil is in abundance not only because it’s a powerful antioxidant but also because of its natural ability to boost collagen production, and reduce inflammation.

Acmella oleracea has been whisked in because of its organic botox-like effect. This powerhouse helps instantly smooth lines and wrinkles by reducing muscle contractions, just like Botox but without the needles or chemicals.

Hyaluronic acid (biotech algae) with 3 different molecular weights offers intense and immediate dermofilling hydration to plump and fill lines and wrinkles.

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What’s more, In trials* Beautifeye (a plant-based biotech extract of darutoside
and mimosa bark extract) was clinically proven to lift drooping lids by 91%, strengthen capillaries to fade dark circles by 44% and smooth fine lines by 49%. Collagen production was boosted by a
massive 256%.

The proof it works…
*Independent trial conducted with 24 female volunteers aged 40-79 years old with upper eyelid folds and crow’s feet wrinkles applied twice daily for 2 months.

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I hope you love it as much as I do!”

Margo Marrone
Founder of The Organic Pharmacy

SOURCE: The Organic Pharmacy (Sep 2017)

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