NEW OSKIA CITYLIFE RANGE: A Note From Georgie Cleeve, Founder of OSKIA

This range has been a very long time coming for me so I am pleased to be finally able to share it with you. Pollution is a hot topic at the moment, but we first tried to formulate a highly anti-oxidant booster targeting smokers (cigarette smoke contains 4,000 chemicals) six years ago and failed miserably. The science just wasn’t there and what we thought to be a powerful free-radical scavenging product, in our clinical trials turned out to be pro-oxidant, meaning it would do more damage than good. I presumed that by combining anti-oxidants, a product would be anti-oxidant, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anti-oxidants are very volatile and re-active and more often than not turn pro-oxidant when used. I went back to the drawing board.

Fast forward a few years… major advances in natural cosmetology, micro-encapsulation and two years of trial and error in our own laboratory have finally resulted in a successful formulation that offers unrivalled protection and I’m absolutely over the moon with the results! Critically, we are now able to harness highly technical ingredients that have only been developed very recently, and have found the best combinations of encapsulation and blended ingredients to enable the range to demonstrate such powerful benefits.

Our formulation process was lengthy but we also spent time analysing the key pollutants that cause the most skin damage, so this range is unique in that it is very targeted and pollutant specific. We targeted the four most damaging types of free radicals – Singlet Oxygen, Peroxyl, Hydroxyl & Halogenated – as well as Ozone, PM (particulate matter), Nickel, Iron and other heavy metals.We are all now aware that pollution is a major health issue and can also cause serious long and

We are all now aware that pollution is a major health issue and can also cause serious long and short term skin damage. City life, fun though it is, exposes us constantly to particularly high levels of air pollution, both indoor and out. This starts from the moment we wake, taking in our daily commute, exercising or just enjoying a coffee outside, through to less obvious sources such as air conditioning, cooking and cleaning, even our furniture and paint produce pollutants.

The range also offers many broader skin health & beauty benefits including our signature bio-available nutrients to help improve skin cell health.

I really really hope you enjoy the products! My personal favourite is the CITYLIFE Booster as I wanted a product that everyone and anyone could use, regardless of their age, skin type, or their regime. It’s a doer! It shouldn’t replace anything and you can add it to anything. It is highly concentrated so deep amber in colour, and like any true booster, should never be used on it’s own.

CITYLIFE Facial Mist – I absolutely love this. It’s not your usual Mist though, as it is not merely a mixture of water, perfume and alcohol. It is a heavy mist full of actives at proven efficacy levels. It also does not form a film on the skin, like other anti-pollution mists, which I’m not keen on, but chelates metals to prevent them absorbing into the pores.

CITYLIFE I-Zone Balm – A rich, buttery, delicious balm that also contains light-reflecting particles to help bounce light off the skin. This has been my handbag staple for the last few months, and a saviour on flights.

CITYLIFE Cleansing Concentrate – Super refreshing, this is a clever little cleansing concentrate so you only need a tiny drop, and forms a beautiful, soft velvet foam leaving skin pollutant and makeup free, fresh, calm and pH balanced..’

Georgie Cleeve, Founder

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