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Zoom Out Face Spa Pamper Kit 1



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Facial treat at home worth $96!

This kit includes:

Time to “Zoom Out” for your break from the computer and humdrum of working from home… especially when a facial treatment is not possible.

Our specially curaated Zoom Out Face Spa kit contains the best selling masks and a facial roller for the (next to) perfect facial treatment at home. Perfect as a pamper gift for someone in need of a little pick me up during this challenging time too!

For the perfect stay at home facial…

  1. Block out a 45min slot in your schedule. It’s time for “a zoom out meeting” with yourself
  2. Cleanse your face and exfoliate, for the added rejuvenation.
  3. Towel dry your skin, then drop 3-4 drops of the Antipodes Divine Facial Oil on your cheeks and forehead. Spread and massage the oil evenly all over your face, lightly.
  4. Using the Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller, treat your skin to a relaxing facial self massage. You can view the video below for ideas on how to use the Roller. Tip: Keep the Facial Roller in the fridge before use to give a nice, cool depuffing effect during use.
  5. After the massage, use your choice of the facial mask in the pack for a final treat and hydration