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Sorabudo Botanic Moisture Face Mask


Brand: Sorabudo


An intensive treatment to provide firmness and hydration for your skin. Contains Argan Spinosa Callus stem cells which moisturise the skin, increase skin density and activate the self-repair function on your skin. It creates a gently lifting and firming effect on the skin. Antioxidant rich Grape stem cells nourish skin cells to promote cell turnover and increase collagen production.



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6 Sheets, Single


Water, yeast extract, resveratrol, grape leaf/seed/skin extract, grape fruit cell extract, Argania spinosa callus culture extract, Suizenjinori polysaccharide, ascorbyl ethyl, glucosylceramide, hawthorn fruit extract, bilberry Leaf extract, glycerin, α-glucan, citric acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid, lecithin, lactobacillus/wasabi root fermentation extract, leuconostoc/radish root fermentation liquid, cyclodextrin, maltosyl cyclodextrin, dimaltosyl cyclodextrin, isomalt , Maltose.