Size: 120ml

A lotion to help your skin regain its natural beauty. This lotion envelops the skin in moisture and nutrients, helping to maintain the skin’s original healthy functionality with yeast extract (moisturizing ingredient) and a proprietary blend in order to intensively hydrate.

Sorabudo products are formulated to promote the skin’s natural moistness and barrier effectiveness, helping to achieve moist, resilient skin.

Feature 1: Moisture

Generously hydrates for more hydrated and softer skin.
The lotion is made with grape yeast extract*1, suizenji-nori polysaccharide*2 and rice bran ceramide*3. We also add ingredients such as sake yeast extract*4 from organic Junmai Ginjo refined sake, crafted by brewers in Niigata Prefecture, to further soften and moisten the skin.

*1 Yeast extract (moisturizing agent)
*2 Suizenji-nori polysaccharide (moisturizing agent)
*3 Glucosylceramide (moisturizing agent)
*4 Rice ferment filtrate (moisturizing agent)

Feature 2: Tightening

Our in-house manufactured herbal extracts promote tighter, smoother skin.
We manufacture and use our own original extracts from mugwort*1, as well as organic JAS-certified ingredients including peppermint*2, lavender*3 and rosemary*4. These help to pull the skin tight, resulting in smooth skin without bumps or depressions.
*1 Mugwort leaf extract *2 Peppermint extract *3 Lavender flower extract *4 Rosemary leaf extract (all moisturizing agents)

Feature 3: Penetration

Ultra-finely powdered ingredients penetrate the skin*1 more efficiently and effectively
Components such as our mugwort leaf extract*1 and our rice ferment filtrate*2 are rendered into ultrafine powders so as to be absorbed by the skin*3 even more effectively. The oils, water, emulsifiers and cosmetic ingredients*4 (water soluble) for which nanoization is required are of course all naturally sourced. JAS-certified olive oil*5 and soybean-derived lecithin*6 are used as the emulsifiers.
*1 *2 Moisturizing agents
*3 As far as the stratum corneum
*4 Mugwort leaf extract, peppermint leaf extract, lavender flower extract and rosemary leaf extract (all moisturizing agents)
*5 Olive fruit oil (emollient)
*6 Lysolecithin (moisturizing agent)


Most of the ingredients used in the lotion are organically cultivated or JAS certified organic. In addition, Sorabudo incorporates botanical nanotechnology and ultrafine particle manufacturing technology to achieve deeper penetration into the skin (as far as the stratum corneum).

Key Active Ingredients

Grape yeast extract (yeast extract)

Grape yeast extract (yeast extract)

Each of our products features the use of generous amounts of high-purity grape yeast extract, manufactured at our facilities using red grapes cultivated in the vineyards of Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture. This extract features a special structure similar to that of the moisture-preserving natural moisturizing factor (NMF) found in the stratum corneum, making it easily absorbed by the skin.


Suizenji-nori polysaccharide
Suizenji-nori polysaccharide

This moisturizing component is extracted from the rare suizenji-nori algae, which, in Japan, can be found growing wild only in the clear streams of Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture. With nature’s highest water retention capacity at five times that of hyaluronic acid, it envelops the skin in a layer of moisture, protecting it against external irritation and drying.

Mugwort leaf extract
Mugwort leaf extract

made with organically-grown mugwort leaves. Rich in vitamins and minerals, mugwort imbues the skin with rich moisture, nurturing beautiful, consistently-textured skin.

Rosemary leaf extract
Rosemary leaf extract

made with organic JAS-certified rosemary. In addition to helping to alleviate rough skin and promote skin health, this extract is also effective as a natural preservative.

Rice/rice bran ceramides (glucosylceramide)

Rice/rice bran ceramides (glucosylceramide)

Intercellular lipids are found within the stratum corneum and is responsible for approximately 80% of the skin’s moisture retention ability. The main component among these lipids are ceramides. The power of organic JAS-certified rice-derived ceramides assists in keeping the skin moist and enhancing the effectiveness of its barrier.

Rice ferment filtrate

made with organic Junmai Ginjo refined sake. The sake used for this component is made with organic JAS-certified rice. It nurtures moist and soft skin.

Organic JAS-certified
Organic JAS-certified olive fruit oil
This oil provides moisture and softens the skin. It is also useful in assisting active components in penetrating into the skin.


Water, glycerin, Sasa kurilensis water, Butylene Glycol (Plant derived) , Methyl gluceth-10, Yeast extract, Wormwood leaf extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Horse mackerel extract, Lavender flower extract, Glucosylceramide, Dextrin, Rice fermentation liquid, Suizenjinori seaweed polysaccharides, Arginine, Citric acid, Olive oil, Lysolecithin, Lactobacillus / horseradish fermented extract, Leuconostoc / radish fermentation liquid