Logona Colour Conditioner




This colour enhancement cream fixes and maintains the brightness and intensity of hair coloured with Logona Herbal Hair Colours. Rich in burdock seed oil, betaine and wheat protein, Logona Hair Colour Conditioner smoothes hair structure and seals the colourant layer to ensure a long-lasting colour result.

After colouring with Logona Herbal Hair Colour or Colour Cream, and rinsing it with water, apply a generous amount of the Colour Conditioner (3-4 tablespoon or 50ml for medium length hair), spread through hair with some additional water, allow to work for 10 minutes, and rinse with plenty of warm water.
This product is BDIH Certified Natural:

* Full ingredients disclosure

* No synthetic preservatives

* No animal testing

* No irradiation of natural ingredients and their cosmetic end products

* Avoidance of genetically-engineered ingredients

* Environmental responsibility regarding raw materials, manufacturing, and packaging

* Social responsibility regarding domestic employees and with 3rd World suppliers of raw materials (Fair Trade)

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