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Florame Ultrasonic Plug-in Diffuser


Brand: Florame


The Florame Essential Oils Ultrasonic Plug-In Diffuser discreetly invites itself  into your home for a powerful and silent diffusion while preserving the integrity of your Essential Oils.

Practical with its rotating plug. Essential oils diffusion by ultrasound. Thanks to its light sensor and three diffusion cycles, it will suit your needs as desired.

Contains 3 wicks of diffusion (2x10ml and 1x30ml).

This diffuser fits essential oils bottles of 10ml and 30ml.

Diffusion cycles available:
Diffusion cycle is chosen by pressure on the only button of the diffuser:
– 1stpressure : 1 spray mist every 10 seconds during 4 hours
– 2ndpressure : 1 spray mist every 10 seconds during 8 hours
– 3rdpressure : 1 spray mist every 10 seconds until manuel stop (non-stop diffusion)
– 4thpressure : diffuser shuts down.

Every diffusion cycle can be settled to diffuse at day or at night by choosing the button “sun/moon” or only when the brightness is sufficient when choosing the button “sun/blocked moon”

Instruction for use: 

You only need to remove the drip system from your essential oil or composition bottle, to insert the adapted diffusion wick and to screw the bottle under the diffuser body to enjoy a delicately perfumed atmosphere.