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Florame Provencal Wooden Diffuser: Scots Pine


Brand: Florame


Size: 10ml

Florame’s patented diffusion system which diffuses essential oils by capillary action using a small wooden ball at the end of a stick. The essential oil blend goes up through capillary action in the wooden ball and is diffused in the ambient air.

Scots Pine has a fresh forest and sap fragrance.

This small natural and ecological diffuser is very useful to perfume small rooms, or small spaces such as a car.

You can put it on vertical surfaces: in the car, next to a computer’s ventilation, on the television, in a cupboard …

The Provençal Wooden Diffusers are sold with a FLORAME essential oil in a 10ml-bottle, a wooden support and a wooden diffuser stick. The life span of this diffuser is about 3 weeks.

To improve the diffusion of the essential oils, it is recommended changing the stick for each new bottle.



Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris)*