Bio Shield Flex (Expiry 04/23)


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Size: 60ml

Bio Shield Flex is an USDA certified organic hand and body protectant spray. Works like Bio Shield Kiddie and formulated for adults and children. Kill germs and protect up to 4 hours!

  • Dermatologist-tested, nutraceutical grade
  • Antimicrobial bioflavonoid layer
  • Organic hand and skin protection spray for adults and children (10 years & above)

Bio Shield Flex is an antimicrobial hand protection spray that uses organic citrus-derived Bioflavonoids to cleanse and protect your hands and skin of undesirable micro-organisms naturally. It is USDA Organic certified and provides for maximum effect against microbes bacteria and allergens, without you having to worry about drying out of your skin from alcohol.

How to use:

Spray liberally on hands, arms, or any exposed skin. Rub until dry. Respray every 4 hourly for total protection or when your hands/skin has been wiped down or washed.

Perfect for travelling and throwing into your bag. An organic citrus extract based, dermatologist-tested hands protection spray. Bio Shield Flex is alcohol free, contains no Benzalkonium Chloride, Quaternary Ammonium, and has no preservatives.

Ingredients: Purified water, Complex blend of Bioflavonoids (Organic Citrus Extract – Organic Acids)

FAQ on Bio Shield Flex:

How does Bio Shield Flex differ from Bio Shield Kiddie?

Flex doesn’t contain the vitamins (A, B3, C, D) but contains organic rosmarinic acid from the rosemary plant, which also has antimicrobial activity. To be used predominantly on hands but can be sprayed on other body parts like arms and legs if necessary. Bio Shield Flex has been clinically tested to be suitable for all skin types, however, always do a skin test patch to check for reaction.

Can adult use Bio Shield Kiddie instead?

Adults can still use Bio Shield Kiddie but may need to spray more frequently compared to kids. This is due to the difference in adult and children skin maturity.

Kiddie’s formula was developed as a body protectant. Additional vitamins are added to protect user from outdoor/harsh elements. Sweat build up can breed bacteria, hence the use of kiddie to protect against bacteria like such and other bacteria that may be on surfaces. Concentration has been reduced for children due to their delicate skin (making it safe for newborns) but nonetheless still effective in protecting.

If the concentration is higher for Bio Shield Flex, wouldn’t it last longer then, and be more effective against germs and bacteria?

No. Higher concentration doesn’t mean more effective. An older child/adult has more matured skin, therefore would need more concentration for absorption and protection. Think of it as a different dosage for an adult and child.

Can kids use Bio Shield Flex?

Older kids (recommended for kids from 10yrs onwards) may use Bio Shield Flex as their skin would have matured and would need a higher concentration to be absorbed into their skin (Babies and younger kids have more permeable skin, so there’s no need to have so much concentration!)

Can Bio Shield Flex be used as a sanitiser?

Bio Shield Flex works in the same way as a sanitiser except that it does more, it protects you from germs and bacteria!

Who will benefit the most from Bio Shield Flex?

Everyone (except kids younger than 10 years of age)! Yes, it is also safe for pregnant women to use and safe for pets too (if you are worried about them licking!)

Can my child use Bio Shield kiddie / Bio Shield Flex if he/she has G6PD?

As we are not physicians, we would recommend you seek medical advice regarding the use of BioShield kiddie if your child has G6PD. The bioflavonoids are derived from citrus fruits, and formulated together with the other listed ingredients on the label.




Purified water, Complex blend of Bioflavonoids (Organic Citrus Extract – Organic Acids)