Abel Room Spray Scene 03 Leather, Tonka, Vanilla




Size: 100ml

Scent your space with an elevated scent ritual created from Abel with 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients to bring nature inside in the most elegant way. A collaboration between Abel and French Perfumer Dr Fanny Grau, who expertly paired beautiful heritage natural ingredients with the latest natural science and biotechnology for modern elevated room sprays.


  • 100% Natural
  • Recyclable
  • Ethically sourced
  • Low-carbon shipping
  • Vegan

The height of quiet luxury. Scene 03 transports you into a world of plush refinement. Notes of leather, tonka and vanilla create the ultimate indulgence.

key notes: green tea, yuzu, grapefruit, violet leaf, vetiver

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scent story:

In creating Scene 03 Fanny and set out to encapsulate the quiet luxury of a bygone era. Of late nights in plush hotel lobbies. Of dressing for dinner. Of leather lined libraries, and dimly lit drawing rooms.

Leather, tonka and vanilla are rich, sensual notes that we used to evoke a feeling of indulgence. Sandalwood brings a soft sensuality to the overall palate.

When I spray Scene 03 at home, I’m transported to a world of plush refinement, of luxury — without the environmental price tag.




vanilla extract bourbon 10x, vanillin renewable, tolu balsam blend (105906) 50 % tecn, coumarin natural (c:a1914n), cedarwood oil chin., patchouli oil decol. md, gurjun balsam oil, amyris oil, sandalwood drèches, styrax oil pyrogene 10% tecn, cade oil rect. 1% tecn, olibanum oil pyrogenee 1% tecn, cistus labdanum abs. sis, triethyl citrate natural