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Abel Room Spray Scene 01 Green Tea, Yuzu, Verbena




Size: 100ml

Scent your space with an elevated scent ritual created from Abel with 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients to bring nature inside in the most elegant way. A collaboration between Abel and French Perfumer Dr Fanny Grau, who expertly paired beautiful heritage natural ingredients with the latest natural science and biotechnology for modern elevated room sprays.


  • 100% Natural
  • Recyclable
  • Ethically sourced
  • Low-carbon shipping
  • Vegan

An energizing scent ritual with vibrant notes of green tea, yuzu and verbena, Scene 01 brings to life minimalist bright open spaces, Japanese inspired decor and a restrained, natural palette.

key notes: green tea, yuzu, grapefruit, violet leaf, vetiver

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scent story:

In creating Scene 01, Fanny and I were inspired by the beautiful minimalist homes of Tokyo, where a restrained palette of natural materials and functional furniture and curio make for a crisp, purified environment. 

During the creation process I visited Japan and partook in tea ceremonies to truly capture the soft bitterness of true Japanese green tea. I perused beautiful Tokyo apartments and interior spaces that shut out the bustle of this metropolis whilst managing to bring a touch of nature inside.

The resulting scent will evoke a sense of Japanese calm and tranquility in your home or office. Personally I love spraying it before I sit to read, work or just “be” in a space, it’s crisp palette creates the perfect ambiance from which to focus the mind. 

Enjoy, Frances



hexenol cis-3 nat. 10% tecn
bergamot oil bergapten free
linalyl acetate coeur (drum)
lemon oil ital.
citral nat. 10% tecn
grapefruit oil white
wheat bran abs. 10% tecn
cabreuva oil
linalool coeur (drum)
phenyl ethyl alcohol nat. 10% tecn
citronellol aj (drum)
geranyl acetate nat. 10% tecn
damascenone beta nat. 1% tecn
jasmin abs. sambac 10% tecn
violet leaves abs. egypt 1% tecn
ionone beta nat.
hay abs.
cedarwood oil
vetiver oil madag.
amyris oil
ambrettolide hc supreme
triethyl citrate natural