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Abel Eau De Parfum: Black Anise


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Size: 15ml / 50ml

A vibrant, smoky Amber.

The Black Anise natural perfume from Abel starts with dynamic star anise top notes, drifts to a rich black currant and cacao heart, and ends with a warm tobacco base. Black Anise is a strong and sultry scent that lingers on the skin.

Created from 100% natural ingredients, Abel’s fragrances show a unique dynamic with the skin of every individual.

Abel makes perfume that is 100% derived form nature using 100% biodegradable and renewable ingredients.

Top: Star Anise
Heart: Blackcurrant
Base: Tobacco

Made in the Netherlands. Vegan & cruelty free. Vegan Society Certified, Made without petroleum, phthalates, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrance.

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15ml, 50ml


Hexenyl Butyrate Cis-3 Nat. Red Fruit Note
Clary Sage Abs. France
Hexyl Acetate Nat. Apple Note
Decalactone Gamma Nat. Cacao Note
Ethyl Methyl Butyrate-2 Nat. Berry Note
Davana Oil. India
Cassis Abs. Burgundy. France
Coffee Pfico Extract Co2. Arabica Blend
Damascenone Beta Nat. Dark Rose Note
Star Anise Oil. China
Anethol Nat. Ex Star Anise
Vanillin Biotech Vanilla Note
Tolu Balsam. El Salvador
Apricot Seed Oil (Bitter Almond Oil). Morocco
Cedarwood Oil. China
Patchouli Oil. Indonesia
Guaiac Wood Oil Paraguay
Cade Oil Rect. India.
Cistus Labdanum Abs. Spain
Ambroxan Ambergris Note
Ambrettolide Biotech Musk Note

*organic. INCI (potential allergens) – Citral, Citronellol, Limonene, Linalool