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Acne Prone | Detox + Purify Facials

    Deep Cleansing Facials | Detox + Purify

    Recommended for acne-prone or congested skins; or oily skins.

    Our facial treatments have been designed to combine pure and active organic ingredients with massage techniques, lymphatic drainage and acupressure massage to support the skin’s ability to heal and regenerate itself. A luxurious and essential experience that will leave the skin, mind and energy restored.

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    $128 | 60 minutes

    Ideal for acne prone, oily combination and congested skins. A deep cleansing treatment with New Zealand’s famed Halloysite Clay to unclog pores, leaving skin clear and well-balanced. Antimicrobial active Manuka honey helps cleanse and heal for skin nourishment and repair. Perfect treatment for deep cleansing, balancing and healing acne or congestion-prone skin, or skin constantly stressed by pollution. Extractions included but optional.