Corrective Serums: Changing the Face of Organic Beauty

“I’ve always been an advocate of prescribed, targeted and highly effective skin care. These four serums are a result of looking at the most common problems my clients have and creating solutions. The perfect blend of natural and high tech means the best results with no irritation.”
Margo Marrone, founder, The Organic Pharmacy

If you love your skincare, then the chances are that you have seen how science has influenced the language and products that grace the shelves of beauty aisles the world over. From biomolecular breakthroughs to advances in ingredient delivery, developments in the world of skincare are hugely exciting yet equally, can leave you in a state of confusion.

Up until now, most of these developments have happened in the sphere of conventional cosmetics, where ingredients toxic to human health and the environment are regularly used in formulations. But the tide is changing. At The Organic Pharmacy, we endeavour to use the purest natural and organic plants and herbs, sourced from nature to create our highly effective skincare solutions. And with the launch of our new Corrective Serums, we are taking organic beauty to the next level, leading the way in efficacy without ever compromising on purity or principles.

Our new Corrective Serums represent a new generation of organic beauty, combining powerful plant actives with highly advanced, cutting-edge scientific expertise to bring you effective, high tech results that are gentle on both the body and the planet. Each of the four serums provide the ‘espresso hit’ to your beauty routine, waking up the skin to leave it looking revived and refreshed. More potent than a cream yet super light-weight, they contain a higher concentration of pure ingredients that can sink into the skin deeper and work on a cellular level.

We’ve developed a wardrobe of potent serums, each targeting a specific skincare need, which can be interchanged and used in combination according to your skin type and concern. No jargon or confusing scientific claims, just simple, effective skin solutions.

Explore the range:


Hyaluronic Acid Serum
To plump and hydrate

Combining triple weight naturally derived hyaluronic acid at 0.2% with grapefruit oil and witch hazel, this nourishing serum helps infuse skin with moisture, plumping and filling fine lines and wrinkles and restoring volume to areas of slackness. It also helps to promote the production of collagen for skin firmness and elasticity, leaving skin looking smoother and more refined.


Four Acid Peel
To resurface and brighten

With 50% natural Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) from passionflower, lemon, grape and pineapple (providing Glycolic, Lactic, Citric and Tartaric acids), this radiance-boosting serum gently exfoliates to help fight blemishes, improve skin texture and reduce the look of fine lines resulting in a brighter, smoother, glowing complexion.  Gentle enough for all skin types, especially textured, dull skin.


Retinol Night Serum
To target the first signs of ageing

Enriched with 2.5% encapsulated retinol, grapefruit oil and witch hazel, this wonder serum has been developed for use at night to help smooth the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin texture, reduce pore size and even out skin tone, reducing signs of pigmentation. Its potent formula also boosts collagen to restore radiance and elasticity to the complexion, as well as speeding up cellular renewal for more youthful-looking skin.


Stabilised Vitamin C Serum
To brighten, firm and fight wrinkles

This high potency, non-irritating stabilised Vitamin C serum has been developed to target uneven skin tone and pigmentation and revitalise dull, lacklustre complexions. Vitamin C has been shown to reverse multiple signs of ageing and boost collagen production, smoothing out wrinkles and firming slackened skin, while at the same time providing powerful antioxidant protection against free-radical damage, to prevent further deterioration of skin quality. For vital, healthy-looking skin.



Perfect Partners

For superior results and to transform the look of your skin, our serums have been created to use together.

Introducing the ultimate power couples:

MORNING: Apply our Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Stabilised Vitamin C Serum each morning to improve skin hydration and give lacklustre skin a brightening boost.

EVENING: For a burst of hydration, use our Four Acid Peel before our Hyaluronic Acid Serum each evening to maximise its skin moisturising properties.

For an anti-ageing routine like no other, combine our Retinol Night Serum and Stabilised Vitamin C Serum and wake up with beautifully softer, smoother and glowing skin.

Always remember to use a sunscreen the next day when you’ve been using a retinol product and if you are expecting a baby, swap our Retinol Night Serum for our Stabilised Vitamin C for a gentler alternative when pregnant.

Reproduced from The Organic Pharmacy Blog