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NEW Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum

We have to admit that building and running our business on a manifesto is ambitious (and perhaps lofty to some?!) but we all need to believe in something to make a REAL difference, don't we?

This manifesto commits us to our vision of bringing together quality and ethical natural products which are safe for you and your loved ones. Products that really work with your skin and body, the way nature intended!

And what's waiting at the end of the rainbow? Ethical and guilt-free beauty, indulgence and well-being! Is it too much to ask? We certainly don't think so! Do drop by our store where you will be able to smell, feel and experience how nature cares for you. How to get to bud store?
bud guarantee

bud is committed to bringing you the finest natural products in the world and we aim to have the biggest range of true quality natural products in Singapore, under one roof!

Hence, we have the courage to offer you the bud guarantee:

  • ALL products are made from premium natural, certified organic, bio-dynamic and/or plant derived ingredients only
  • NO harsh synthetic chemicals and detergents
  • NO artificial fragrances, no thickeners, no emulsifiers
  • NO petrochemicals and mineral oils
  • NOthing to hide policy: ALL ingredients are listed on all products and communicated in-store or online so that you know what you are putting on your skin!
  • NO animal testing

We are constantly reviewing our products to make sure they are some of the best in the market. More importantly, we ensure the quality of the products is maintained and they continue to work as well as the first time you tried it.

bud Manifesto: Because you CHOOSE to CARE
It may sound almost too obvious but how often do we find ourselves making decisions influenced by the marketing campaigns and half-truths from the big global corporations?

bud believes you have the power and ability to choose what is right for you, your family, your loved ones and the environment. You decide when is the right time for you to adopt an organic lifestyle at the level you choose, when to switch from chemicals-based products to natural alternatives, or whether a product is suitable for you and meets your needs. It's your choice!

We didn't like searching far and wide to find products that we weren't sure were genuinely natural, and wondering whether the advice being given was just a sales pitch, and we don't think you should have to either!

bud aims to offer you the peace of mind...
as you smell, feel and experience the products in our store… knowing that they are safe for you, your family and the environment. bud is home to some of the most trusted and lusted natural and organic grooming, skin, hair and body care products from around the globe. We source and offer a carefully edited selection of high quality, original and effective personal care products from innovators and specialists around the world.

bud is your store where you can linger, ask lots of questions, try before you buy and have the confidence in the product before buying!

bud Manifesto #2: Earn and respect your TRUST
Honesty is the basis of earning your trust and hence, we have a "Nothing to Hide" policy to ensure all products must list every ingredient used. And we make sure this information is easily available to you too because we understand you may want to research the ingredients to know if the product is right for you. And we certainly recommend products only if we have confidence they meet your needs!

Certified products by trusted independent authorities...

We consider ingredients carefully, and where possible look for products certified natural and/ or organic by bodies such as BDIH (Germany), Soil Association (UK), Ecocert or their worldwide equivalents. Most of the ingredients used by our manufacturers are either organically grown or bio-dynamically cultivated.

Each individual product is carefully selected based on the ingredients used, its effectiveness, the production process, as well as environmental and social responsibility.

However, in our search for quality natural products, there may be a handful of products which use not more than 0.25% of synthetic food presevatives. The manufacturers will only decide to use food preservatives after extensive micro-testing show that the preservatives free formulas will not stay fresh and safe. We do not 'hide' these ingredients and we make sure they are listed with the products for your knowledge.

And we respect your trust...

We appreciate your confidence in bud and we strongly believe in building a close relationship with our customers and listening in detail to your requirements. If you have any questions or concerns about the current product range, our service or ideas and suggestions for new items that should be included in the range, please let us know.

The care starts now: the care for wellbeing of ourselves, our children, our loved ones and our environment. By using organic products, you are limiting you and your children's exposure to synthetic insecticides, fungicides and herbicides because these chemicals are not applied to certified organic crops. Furthermore, by supporting the use of organic ingredients, we are doing our part in reducing the amount of chemicals that are polluting the soils, water and air, hence upsetting the ecological balance.

Earth friendly packaging...
We ensure that our products are selected based on minimal resource consumption during manufacturing, and packaged in completely recyclable or reusable to reduce waste pollution. And we only use paper bags when you shop with us at our store, but of course, we strongly encourage you to bring your own shopping bag!

It is the Birthright of all living things...
"the birthright of all living things is health. This law is true for soil, plant, animal and man: the health of these four is one connected chain. Any weakness of any earlier link in the chain is carried on to the next and succeeding link, until it reached the last, namely, man. The under nourishment of the soils is at the root of all. The failure to maintain a healthy agriculture has largely cancelled out all advantage we have gained from improvements in hygiene, in housing, and in medical discoveries. To retrace our steps is not really difficult once we set our minds to the problem. IF we are willing to confirm to natural law, we shall rapidly reap the reward not only a flourishing agriculture, but in the immense asset of an abounding health in ourselves and in our children's children."

Sir Albert Howard, organic pioneer, 1945

‘...it seems to me that if you wait until all the frogs and toads have croaked their last to take
some action, you’ve missed the point...’

One Frog Can Make a Difference – Kermit’s Guide to Life in the 90’s,
R.P. Riger, Jim Henson Productions Inc. 1993

To read more about the potential harms of chemical-based products, please visit our Why Safe & Natural Skincare? section.



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